Campus Outfits! This is the Difference in Fashion Style of New Students vs. Old Students

Entering the world of lectures may be difficult for some people, starting from the difference in character and atmosphere that makes many students tend to feel out of place or culture shock.

With all the busyness you face, sometimes you forget to take care of yourself. One important element that must be considered is appearance. Yes! Outfits to campus! Of course you always want to look beautiful and attract attention, right? In fact, these elements are ignored by final year students because they think that thesis and graduation are much more important.

So, here are the differences in fashion styles between new students and old students or seniors.


It is no secret that a new student will be very concerned about his appearance when he comes to campus. Usually what is used is quite complete from top to bottom. Starting from clothes, accessories, bags, even shoes. Not to mention the perfume that smells so good that one can smell the campus hallway. In fact, they are often the center of attention of seniors because of their attractive and charming appearance.

Many new students follow fashion style trends with the terms ‘cake girls, mamba girls, and earth girls’ to go to campus. Actually the term is only to distinguish fashion styles according to color tones. Does not include types of outfits, cut models, patterns, and so on.

Well, these are fashion style trend tips that you can follow to be an outfit inspiration to campus as a new student. Keep stylist and choose your favorite inspiration!

Cake Girl
Even if you wear a pink sweater and blue jeans, you can look cheerful and look chic! The key is in the combination of bright colors, such as blue and pastel pink. Then complete it with heels to add a feminine impression.

Mamba girl
The main key to the appearance of a mamba girl is to dress in monochrome. From above, the model uses a black blazer, blue jeans, white t-shirt to black shoes and bags. This all black dress style makes you look stylish and mysterious.

Earth Girl
This earth girl style is inspired by a simple Korean fashion style, but still looks cute. Like the use by combining brown and orange which are favorites in the clothing category with earth tone colors. These color choices will give a fresher and fresher feel and a classic touch to your appearance.

Just relax, the important thing is to pass
Final year students usually tend not to pay attention to their appearance. The most important thing is that they come to campus and sit well in class. Or someone is being chased by a thesis deadline, the important thing is that the style is not late with guidance from the supervisor. This is one illustration of the fashion style on campus in the style of old students or catering with the principle of ‘Just relax, the important thing is to pass’.

The most comfortable outfit for kating is just a plain t-shirt combined with jogger pants or materials. Sometimes for them, going to campus is just to take care of their thesis, eat in the regular canteen, go home, and sleep.

So, from the fashion styles above, which one describes you? Are you a new student or an old student?