Look Unique and Fresher, Try This Fashion Inspiration

Looking unique and fresher on every different occasion is certainly the desire of every woman. No wonder the contents of a woman’s wardrobe can be more than a man’s. The key to looking fresh is actually simple, you just need to wear bright and light clothes.

However, to be able to look fashionable, you need to be very good at mixing and matching tops and bottoms as well as the accessories to be worn. The following are a series of inspirations to look unique and fresh.

1. Pleats Turquoise Skirt
The turquoise or blue green color on a pleat skirt can be a unique fashion item that you can explore. With just one skirt, you can display several styles at once because it is easy to combine with various colors.

When you are confused about what color combination is perfect to use, then cream can be the right choice. Push the style to be more chic with the addition of a belt, sling bag, and also a cute hat, guaranteed to make you look more chic.

2. Blend of Blazer and Culotte Pants
For a fresh look first, we can choose a blazer or pants color that is bright and bright or even has a pattern as shown in the photo. Don’t forget to combine some accessories such as earrings, necklaces, sling bags and also glasses so that you look more stylish and attractive.

3. Bright Colored Pants
Brightly colored pants are included in the ranks of fashion trends you should not miss. The combination of any top with brightly colored pants will make your appearance unique and fresher. Because bright colors always succeed in giving a positive aura so that when you wear them, you will definitely be more excited.

4. Dare to Wear Yellow
Don’t hesitate to wear yellow, ladies. The yellow color is suitable for you to choose because it describes optimism, creativity, and happiness. The yellow color will also give a positive aura of enthusiasm so that your appearance will be very fresh and beautiful.

5. Floral Outfit
Don’t just focus on simple colors and motifs. Choose an outfit with floral motifs to look different. Flowers are believed to be a symbol for longevity, honor, luck, purity of mind and heart, and health. As a recommendation, you can choose a bright floral motif outfit, for example dominated by blue, yellow, or pink. Then if you want to give a more statement to your appearance, please try a large flower pattern.